Wedding Celebrations + Pets

When it comes time to adding personal touches to your wedding ceremony, you might want to incorporate your pets into your wedding, especially if you are a huge animal lover, like myself. Your pets are part of the family and there is no rule saying you can’t have your furry friend strut down the aisle. However, before you make any decisions you might want to consider and research some of these questions.

  • Will the ceremony location allow a pet on premise?
  • If you plan on bringing your pet to the reception, will there be a staff member or someone to watch over the pet?
  • Is this pet friendly towards people? It goes without saying if the animal isn’t, this idea is a red flag.
  • If the pet, such as a dog, is acting as a ring bearer, will he/she walk down the aisle with no issues?

If you’re unsure about whether or not your pet will cause any additional stress, there are other ways to incorporate your pet into your special day. During your engagement shoot with your photographer, take some pictures with your pet. Put them in frames and decorate them at the reception (one good spot would be the guest book table). For guest favors, hand out cookies designed in paw prints, make a donation to a favorite animal organization, and you can even ask your florist if he/she can make a display in the shape of your pet made of flowers.Photo via Elizabeth Anne Designs

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